It is funny how our brain simply can’t go to sleep when you have an idea in mind. It fights against any attempt of the body to relax. And that is exactly how I felt when I first had the idea for my concept behind Endless Rotation. It has everything to do with movement. And awareness. And surroundings. And art. And rotations. The immediate junction between art and everyday life. The in between, the halfway through. The stories are an attempt to make people create a sense of awareness of all the hidden details that constantly surround them. They are a mixture of street art short stories, interviews, art exhibitions and other thoughts.  We indeed live in a very fast paced world, where there is no time or room for delays. Thus, we miss it all. Becoming an individual that is aware of his/her surroundings is an endless process in itself.  Discover the rotation and convince yourself endlessly.

– Stephanie Wruck


Stephanie Wruck is a writer and photographer currently based in Philadelphia. She is highly interested in the relationships between media and art, focusing on curatorial methodologies, creative writing and photography. She received her bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Communication Studies with a focus in Art History and Contemporary Media.



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