Philadelphia based street artist known as Ishknits truly hits the nail – or I should say the needle – right on the head with this peace: “NO I’M NOT OKAY NOW, AM I SUPPOSED TO BE?”

Now let’s use her powerful words as a segway to an interesting phenomena many of us are witnessing in today’s society: the endless search for “true happiness”. The idea that’s been deeply rooted in our minds that we must be happy at all times, and when not happy we must be searching for happiness until complete exhaustion. The idea of happiness as a final destination, in which once we arrive there, life will finally start being worth living. We’ve been taught that we are capable of changing the world and following our dreams is as easy as a sunday morning. We’ve also been taught that being vulnerable, feeling grey and having doubts is a poison and happiness is the only way out.

Are we supposed to be okay?

Humans often forget that being vulnerable actually nourishes our capability of understanding why we act certain ways and why we feel certain sensations. Feeling miserable provides us the fuel we need to take a stand and start all over again when we fail. Having doubts is a sign that we are questioning ourselves in order to become better beings for each other. We are not supposed to be okay at all times and happiness has never been an end, but instead a single episode from a whole series of distinct emotions.

We are supposed to be in constant motion.

We are supposed to be in constant change.

We are supposed to be aware of our actions.

We are supposed to pay attention to nature.

We are supposed to wonder.

We are supposed to express our feelings.

We are supposed to realize that we are way more similar with each other than we imagined.

We are supposed to make art, however we can, because life equals art.

We are supposed to feel inspired from the world that surrounds us.

We are supposed to allow our thoughts to come and go without any attachments.

Check out Ishknits:

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