Summer of 2015 was the birth of a brand new mural located in the island of Manhattan. I had the opportunity to watch this masterpiece come to life, and let me tell you… It was mind boggling. I feel like I was entirely emerged in the world of the two identical brothers Gustavo and Otavio. The Twins. Os Gemeos.

Their work has been all about the world of dreams, intense hues, friendly yellow figures, hip hop and honest criticism. This time, they wanted to give New York City a special gift. A monumental mural that represents New York City’s finest hip hop culture. Once again, there was our beloved yellow friend, coming from inside the wall, carrying his funky BoomBox. It took Os Gemeos four days to complete the wall and by the end of the fourth day that street had become the path to Oz. Magic defines.

Process, process, process. The process of creating the wall is indeed what intrigued me the most. Those four days were overwhelmingly hot and humid but love does conquer all. It was easy to feel the sensations; the two twins were aching for spray paint. It seemed like the drawing has always been inside that building, impatiently waiting to step out and amuse all viewers. Gustavo and Otavio only needed to go up there and help him to come out. Day by day, each corner gently gained some color. I felt powerless. Numb. I felt no urge of being in control of everything around me. The noisy street, the angry driver, the chaotic traffic, the clumsy pedestrians. It all disappeared and my eyes were taken by that wall. I forgot how much my neck was hurting from looking up for so long. Looking up for four days straight. Since then, I never looked down again while walking on the street.

ATTENTION: please click on each picture and see it enlarged. The bigger the better.









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