I think we should all meet up around 8pm. No, no, no. At 9pm. This summer crap, where the skies have been purple and orange lately, no, not good. We need to meet up when is completely dark out. Sun is set. Under the bridge. That bridge downtown, where all those weirdos meet up every afternoon, you know what I’m talking about right? Come on, you two have been there before! Don’t tell me you don’t know. You do know. And you better be there by 9pm. That’s where all the action will take place. And please…none of you, better not show up wearing some colorful rags, we can’t be noticed. You know how that place works. You know the rules. So if we are planning on breaking them, we need to fully understand them first. I hope I’m being clear as water!


Calm down… you are talking like you are some sort of leader or something. We know what we are doing ok? So just keep your mouth shut and let us do our jobs. We already went over this plan more than 30 times. I can’t see the purpose of this! We already have a time, a place and a plan. Now we just need to show up and get it done. And honestly, I’m starting to get tired of all this tension and anxiety. I’m also starting to get hungry, so let’s make it quick, I gotta meet my wife tonight for dinner, and I’m not really trying to get there late and make her ask me all these questions.


I am ready. I’ve been ready. You two look like two clowns talking, and I’m just here trying not to laugh. Pathetic. And hey, B… you need to watch your attitude. Cause you know… If it wasn’t for me, none of this would be even close to possible. Actually, I’m the only motherfucker here that actually did something about it, and brought some solutions. Now we just need to finalize it. And that’s the easy part…

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