Let’s say (or assume) that if you want to succeed when creating a brand new artwork, you have to be somehow deeply disturbed. Gossip has it, that the true artist is usually found in the dark shadows of a depressed, grey and twisted state of mind. In order to create something visionary and transcendental you have to first bury yourself in your very own grave, filled with darkness and suicidal thoughts. First embrace the ugly, then celebrate the beauty of the final piece. But who exactly once said those words? Who dictates whether you are a good artist or not? Who has the power to define if something is great or a major failure?

In fact, I will give myself the right of changing my own question to: why someone would dictate whether you are a good artist or not? Should I just step out of bed one day and start projecting my personal opinions towards everyone around me? The fine line between what is considered “personal opinion” versus “universal opinion” is becoming more and more difficult to analyze. What the hell does “personal taste” even mean these days?

Are we still able to answer questions with: “well that is just my personal taste…” ?

Did you pick your personal preferences or did they pick you?

What are the factors that make something be original and timeless?

I guess happiness is not the right answer…

Do you trust a happy artist?


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  1. Stephanie, I am reading each and every post. You are a very fine writer. I have just read this one. I have a great interest in Art and have produced some good paintings. I have written several times about people who react to art by saying, “I know what I like.” A famous Art collector once wrote a book which made great sense. He titled it “I Like What I Know.” A mere change of word placement in the sentence and a major fact appears. I hope to meet you one day soon. Dorothy Rosencrans


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