The only thing it was missing was my sparkly shoes. Oh, and my name is not Dorothy. But somehow the streets of New York City suddenly became the path to Oz. A light pole instantly grabbed my attention, entirely decorated. It sure turned that street into a special one, not just another block. It took me a couple minutes to grasp all the details in depth that the light pole had to offer to my retinas. When I was about to pick my phone out of my pocket and take a photograph of the real thing that it was right in front of me, I spotted one of the most kind, humble and amazing looking characters of all times. Ladies and gentleman, Tin Woodman was found in the island of Manhattan. If you think no one remembers him anymore, you are dangerously wrong. A character like this one deserves to be celebrated. Deserves to be transformed into a tiny little piece of art. Deserves to decorate street light poles.

It is always the little things.

It is all about what is hidden in our blind spots.

It is all about what is hard to see.

It is all about the things that we shouldn’t avoid looking at.


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