Recently I came across to one of the most interesting Instagram accounts I have ever seen. It’s called disco_naps and it challenged my psyches in a whole new level. I was very surprised to even see some pictures that I have seen it before posted there, and then it all made sense. Voila, I found one of the rich sources of creativity from this insane modern world! The power of sharing can move mountains. But enough with “whats” and let’s jump into “whys”. Or I would say, let’s jump into some rotations…

Once upon a time, a happy family decided to have some fun together in a spinning teacup ride. The teacup was so stunning and full of inviting colors that all members from that family were very impressed. Funky red lines, creating a path of doodles making them look pretty and happy. What a day! They ‘spinned’ together, they laughed, they rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. And then again. As soon as the ride was over and they were out of that magical teacup they decided to check the photos that were taken from their ride. That was the crucial moment when the truth came out. They finally realized that the teacup was the entire time in outer space, traveling between planets and galaxies. The teacup visited Venus, Mars, Pluto and Neptune. It even took a little turn around the moon! But none of them saw any of that. They missed it all and all they could see was a dark grey hue. They didn’t get to say hello to Saturn and all the shooting stars. At first, the family was very disappointed with the incident, but it didn’t really last very long. They all left with a fantastic and amazingly beautiful picture in their hands. But absolutely no real memories from the Milky Way in their minds.


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