A note was found right in the middle of a beautiful sticker mess. There is absolutely no way you could avoid reading such strong, curved and black combination of words. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. We indeed are all survivors, living in a world where the stronger the better! But this same world lacks a fairly large amount of things, such as more kindness and more listeners. I’m not talking about those people that just pretend that they are listening, when instead they are merely just hearing. We all have the “embarrassing” need to just simply yack about stuff. And by stuff, I mean our feelings, emotions, fears, dreams and ideas. We have the urge to regurgitate everything that our busy daily lives forces us to trap inside of our minds and bodies. We lock all of that inside a little box, deep inside, but we end up forgetting where exactly we left the key to open this same box. The result is a collection of frustrated ideas that never had the opportunity to grow and become something. Become something new, or at least become a cheap copy of our perfect and incredible concept that we once made up in our head. The fear of not meeting our own expectations is extremely real and definitely scary.

Street/sticker art also screams for attention, for listeners. But again, for TRUE listeners. For the ones that are genuinely interested in what that little piece has to say. Dear survivors, we hear you.


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