You know you are fully aware of all the details that surround you when you caught yourself starring at trash cans, traffic signs and hydrants. It is a trend: these underrated objects carry the most special secrets every city has to tell. Unspoken messages, free from meanings and filled with concepts or the other way around? All I know is that Washington, DC wasn’t the typical place I was expecting to bump into so many secrets. The capital is all about diplomacy, short elegant buildings, inviting streets, magnificent restaurants and curious sticker art. I mean, could this sticker scream “Washington, DC” any more? He was starring at me, and had this interesting look in his face, probably wondering why my “glance” at him took so long, and in fact, it went from just a glance to a 10 minute photo shoot. Obviously fighting against the sun to capture the colors of his face.


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  1. Yes! The secret is silent and ambiguous. It does not give us answeres, it asks us question. It will take us to the door but we must open that door ourselves. Awesome perspective, you have a perspective that nourishes but does not contend.


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